Hi, I’m Reuben, a front-end web developer and designer in New York City.

I am an Interactive Developer at ExpandTheRoom. I am the Host of How to Hold a Pencil a weekly podcast about learning and being self-taught. Finally I curate One Read a newsletter providing subscribers with one link worth reading everyday.

I have worked with several clients on a variety of projects. My portfolio includes front-end web development, email design and development, content management, and copy writing. I am capable of learning new things quickly and rapidly applying new skills to cutting edge projects.

Before coming back to my hometown, I worked for the American Israel Publica Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in Washington, D.C. While there I managed the developement of a web application called the Opinion Leaders Database, a tool used to track members of Congress and their staff. Feel free to take a look at my complete resume.

In my spare time I can be found running, reading, writing, or spending time with my girlfriend!

If you have an interesting project, opportunity, or just want to chat please get in touch.



Below are a few selected projects I have worked on. I particularly enjoy projects that include front-end web development, responsive email design and development, copywriting.

I have significant experience designing and developing for the web and email. I have extensive practice with the Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, InDesign, PhotoShop). I have also done work with video editing and Keynote design.


HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Wireframing, Prototyping, Wordpress, Mailchimp, Tumblr, Responsive Web Design, Responsive Email Design, Project Management


Recent Posts


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LAUNCHED: How to Hold a Pencil

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Design Mockup: How to Hold a Pencil

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Coming Soon: How to Hold a Pencil

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Sunday Inspiration

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Launched - MsKirshner.com

Last week, I officially launched a website for my girlfriend’s living environment classes. It was a fun project because I really got to do what I wanted, use the tools I wanted, and most importantly build something that will hopefully help her…Keep Reading


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Home Sweet Home Screen

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Get in touch

Have an interesting project, opportunity, or just want to chat? Feel free to reach out to me directly.

How to Hold a Pencil

How to Hold a Pencil is an interview show with self-taught creatives. Its purpose is to inspire and empower individuals who are already learning to make things and individuals who are still waiting on the sidelines.

The website is powered by Wordpress and the podcast is hosted by Simplecast


Wordpress, CSS3, HTML5, Custom Post Type, Custom Fields, SEO, Google Analytics, Simplecast.fm

Things I Covet

As a part of a Skillshare course, I redesigned and developed a tumblr theme for the fashion blog Things I Covet. I built the responsive template using Toast a responsive framework.


Tumblr, Responsive design, HTML, CSS

Screenshot 2013-10-24 19.41.12

A Simple To Do List

As a part of the Treehouse program I built a to do list app that I called, GetShitDone.me. The simple web application uses HTML5, CSS3 and IndexedDB. IndexedDB is a client-side web technology that allows developers to build applications that are able to store data locally. In the future I hope to expand the application to include, multiple lists, a completed tasks list, due dates, and more.


Responsive web design, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, & logo design

Opinion Leaders Database

For two years I managed the development of the Opinion Leaders Database (OLDB) version 2.0, a proprietary application used by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee for tracking Congress and the policy community at large. The release of OLDB 2.0 fixed dozens of issues left unresolved in the initial version, an updated responsive design, and expanded the database beyond Congress to include members of the Executive branch and the policy community at large. Due to the web applications proprietary nature a live demo is not available.


Project Management, Wireframes, & UI/UX

E-Mail Templates

The American Israel Public Affairs invites thousands of pro-Israel Americans to hundreds of events all over the country via email. Their emails need to be inviting and professional. They came to me to develop nearly a dozen email templates to use for a variety of events. Code samples are available on request.


Email Development, Inline CSS, HTML

Ms. Kirshner

Ms. Kirshner is a website for a Living Environment teacher at Bryant High School. When designing the website I knew it required a responsive layout and the Content Management System needed to be simple. I developed the site using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, the Liquid Syntax, and Siteleaf for content managment. The result is a simple website which Ms. Kirshner can easily share videos, documents, homework assignments, and take questions.


Responsive design, Siteleaf CMS, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

The Clean Plate Club Podcast

When Adam Robert’s, of the food blog the Amateur Gourmet, launched a podcast called The Clean Plate Club he held a logo design contest. I designed a logo that evoked the image of a clean plate, you can read more about my design process on my blog.


Logo design and branding


We spend hours in front of screens, but we often leave them empty and unfulfilled, still seeking real knowledge and new information. One Read is meant to change that; it is a simple e-newsletter sent at what may seem like an untraditional time. One Read will hit your inbox between 4 and 5 PM EST each week day with just one link for your afternoon commute. The goal is to teach subscribers something new everyday. OneRead.co runs on Mailchimp.


Responsive web design, responsive e-mail design, logo design, & content strategy